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Sunday, April 17, 2016

The weekend Update!

     This past weekend was the first full weekend we had Quinn in a while!  Since her vacation and the holiday so we were excited to have the weekend to catch up and just be with her.  Friday we picked her up and went to dinner.  Its been a while since we had a fish fry and we wanted to suprise her she was so excited.  She was so excited to go out and the night was just awesome.  The next morning we went to a breakfast at a local church with Aunt Ro and some other family.  It was nice, well we had to get up early but the breakfast was good and seeing some family is always good!

     Later that day Kayla spent some time with Quinn they had to do some stuff at the mall and Kayla took her to get their nails done.  It was cute and she had a lot of fun.  That night Becky and Matt came over to celebrate Becky's birthday.  We had dinner and dessert and just hung out.  Quinn had a lot of fun she really enjoys seeing them.  So the weekend had a great start and Quinn was just having a blast.

     Sunday was so nice out we went to church and spend the rest of the day outside!  We kicked around the soccer ball around and then headed to the park for some much more needed sun!  The park was ready to finally have some visitors.  We ran around, burned off some energy and had fun!  We headed back after a while and had some dinner.  Before we knew it, time to get going.  We got Quinn back to her Mom's and then settled in for the week ahead.

     It was a great weekend and so nice to finally have Quinn for a longer period.  So with the weather finally breaking I can't wait to share more fun outside pics.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and got outside and enjoyed the spring time!

Always Remember,

You are Never alone...


Quinn what a Diva...

Time to Play!

My loving Wife!

They even had a baseball game going on!

Look at her go!

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