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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why the Struggles are worth it...

     I posted yesterday about some of the struggles I have when it comes to being a single parent and working with my Ex.  I know every single parent has their own struggles.  Driving home after picking up Quinn I was tired and traffic was bad.  I thought it wasn't fair my ex just sits there while I pick her up and drop her off.  I guess I can't complain I really don't want her to see my house.  However when we got home there was a few times Quinn came in the kitchen as we cooked to just tell us she loved us.  You then stop and realize your hard work and frustration will come and go but your child's love for you is forever. 

     When we lay on the couch and she just watches some TV you know things are going to be ok as they hug us and tell us it will be ok.  I wondered if my last post was more venting than concern.  I don't know how many other parents have the same struggle and telling a single parent to just stand up to their ex isn't as easy as it seems.  Sometimes the struggles are bad but when you know the bond, the base what you have your child have is unbreakable then driving a little or putting up with a demanding ex really isn't that bad...  Even if they don't share insurance cards. 

     The key to parenting, if its single or not is just never giving up.  You may get tired, even close but you can never give up.  As parents we have to do our best and be there, show our kids we will no stop being there.  If it gets hard, expensive or if working with our Ex is just hell on earth we never give up.  So when the days are long or hard just hold your child.  Watch some TV or read with them.  They will tell you they love you trust me.  Stand your ground on things and choose your battles but never feel you have to just do as others say.  There is no greater reward or joy when your little one expresses how much the care for you and tell you they love you. 

     Maybe one day Quinn will go over some of these post, if she does then she should know sometimes in order to get to heaven we have to go through hell...

    Always remember,
You are never alone...


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