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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Review 1: The Sandbox

     For my first review I have chosen a place close to my and Quinn's heart.  When I moved out during my divorce I knew I had to step up as a single Father and not let Quinn down.  It was getting cold out and I knew I had to start thinking of creative things to do and places to take her.  I searched and found the Sandbox!  A great indoor playground here in Fairport NY.  The Sandbox is right off the express way and very easy to get to.  Located next to a very nice park and sub shop.  The Sandbox offers a place for you to escape the cold or heat and enjoy some indoor fun!

     With over 6000 sq. ft. of space the playground offers many different activities for your child to do.  From babies up to 7 years old there are a  variety of toys, games and fun inflatable units for your them to enjoy.  When we first arrived it was very exciting, there was much to do and even to much at first.  They even had a beaded sandbox unit in the corner to play in.  Quinn enjoyed it when she was small because some of the toys and bounce houses challenged her to climb and work hard to get to the top.  We usually arrived early to beat the crowd and would be there about an hour or so.  The gym is laid out very parent friendly.  When you enter you take your shoes and jacket off and pay, then go through a 1/2 door.  The entire gym in one square so you can see everything happening.  One of the aspects I like is that.  You can sit and rest but still see everything going on and your child can see you.  There are two large blow up units to play on and then a variety of other games and toys.  They also have a separate room for birthday parties. 

     What I like so much is how they have updated the playground.  When we first got there years ago they had a stuffed animal area and like I said a sandbox.  Over the years they have taken out the stuffed animal area and sandbox.  I think it was a good move the sand box was messy and the stuffed animals well can hold germs.  They have moved some things around to make space and now only have toys and games kids actually use.  The middle is room to move around and is not cluttered.  I also noticed how they repair and replace old items.  If a blow up unit is old they get a new one in.  I can't stress how important this is.  You have to repair you business in order for people to want to come back.  The staff told me they wash and put away all the toys every night before close.  I also like how they have a side room for birthday parties.  It gives kids the privacy to do cake and presents.  Quinn and I attended a party there for a work friend and we had a great time.  They did a great job the staff. 

     I have also noticed they have updated their hours of operations.  They used to not always be open on the weekends or have limited hours.  Now open gym is Mon-Sun.  They also now have specials like upcoming events or price specials on different days!  For example Friday they have parents night out and you can drop off your child as they play you can have a date night.  The last Wednesday of every month is pay your own age night.  Their webpage is very user friendly and has a lot of information useful to the customer.  I also noticed they added a children's consignment shop where you can purchase gently used clothing at a great price!  The pricing is very friendly for the admission and parents go in free!  Something not all places do.  As we played staff would walk around cleaning up and even blowing bubbles around for the kids to see and play with.  Something I also noticed is there is a gated area for babies to be with parents protected and safe from the older kids.  They also have an air hockey table for older kids and adults to use!  My brother would get Quinn a gift card to use on visits for Christmas and boy did she use them!  The Sandbox also sells small snacks and drinks for kids and adults if they need a break. 

     More recently on our last visit we used the light show dance floor they have.  A dance floor that lights up and is hooked up to a computer.  They have games and actives you and your child can do.  We had so much fun and Quinn got some great exercise out of it too!  After a while many kids and their parents joined in the fun.  Indoor playgrounds like this are very important especially in colder states.  They allow your child and you to get out and have some exercise!  The Northern states can get very cold and being outside gets dangerous.  So indoor playgrounds like this allow us to let off some steam and get out of the house for some good quality fun!  You will be the Hero after you bring them trust me!  

     The only thing you have to remember is you don't have shoes on so if you use the restroom well I guess you have to deal.  Not a set back  but something to remember.  You do need socks when using the gym which I feel is important.  When I used the bath room I forgot I didn't have shoes on but they were kept very clean.  I think they did a great job over the years to keep the building in great shape and update toys and games.  There is some tight parking out front and sometimes you have to use the back lot which is down a hill but nothing a good walk can't hurt.  I always liked how the business was family run and how they make everyone feel right at home.  The staff is very nice and friendly, they treat you with respect and hand out stickers to kids as they leave.  I am thankful I live in a city with a place like this and thank the owners for keeping it in great shape as well as a place I loved to bring Quinn.  As she gets older we may have a few more visits but it really was a great place we enjoyed as she grew up.  I would encourage parents to visit and bring their kids!  The Sandbox is affordable, clean and a great place for you and your kids to have fun!

     Below I have some pictures of when Quinn was there visiting as well as their site and information.  I hope you take some time to check it out and if your live around the area or are visiting stop in and enjoy the open play!  As far as my first review goes I really hope you enjoyed it and learned something.  The best way to enjoy this post is to go and visit the Sandbox!  Check out their site for information and swing down for good quality fun!

Always remember to check out the site or call the store for updated pricing and hours. 

Here are some pictures of Quinn when she visited last time!

Here is the Sandbox's information:

Website: http://www.thesandboxplayground.com/
Phone: 585-388-7263
Address: 1350 Fairport Rd. Fairport NY 14450

I hope you all enjoyed my review.  For more reviews please visit the review site at the top of my blog.

A great blow up slide!

Small toys.
This ladder helped Quinn learn to climb!

The light dance floor!

Just being a kid...


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