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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Winter Pushes On...

      Usually I don't have to post about winter 3 times in one season but this is just outta control now!  So by now the whole US has been feeling the deep freeze.  I feel every week we just keep seeing the same low numbers I can't even tell you how roofs and homes have been damaged.  I called my insurance b/c mine was and I guess there is a team just for NY! 

     So what do we do, well we just have to keep pushing through.  As March approaches we just hope that this might be the end of it.  Some states have more snow than they can handle and with the cold temps just hanging around its sad to say a high of 32 this Sunday is very exciting!  I do hope my tips have been useful.  Roof ones, car ones, cabin fever ones.  With such a cold and strenuous winter we can only hope it warms up soon.  Yahoo had an article and pictures up today about how cold it was and some of the pictures were amazing.  How some things like rivers, lakes and even Niagara Falls is frozen over!

     They said it won't thaw till late Spring.  With everything in an icy capsule we wonder how good it is to have things like the technology that keeps us safe and warm.  We lost power for a few hours yesterday.  Our home dropped to the high 50's and it took a few hours to heat back up when the power came back on.  I know we are dependent on our technology and some could live without it and survive but I wonder with a winter like this how long.  With temperatures not reaching about 10 degrees we have gone weeks with dangerous bitter cold.  My advise still is to yes stay in, but do get out.  Take your kids to a movie, indoor playground or event that they can have fun and run around.  We have a big weekend coming up as I pick up Quinn tonight. 

     If you do go out however make sure you start your car and give it time to warm up before you go anywhere.  Also start your car every day or so.  If you don't have to drive it you still need to get it running.  Sitting still for to long in the cold temperatures can be bad for it.  Let it start up and run for a while.  Be safe this weekend and enjoy the Winter, from the safety from indoors!

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