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Monday, February 2, 2015

Saying Goodbye to an Iconic Show...

     This past week the final season of Parenthood, one of my favorite shows.  I was going to post about it as the episodes went on but just never got around to it.  The shows was based around a couple, Craig T Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia and their four children. Here is a link for the Full Cast.  Their children all grown and have families of their own.  Every child had a different lifestyle and their own struggles.  What made this TV Drama so amazing was it infused humor with real life drama.  It was one of the shows that made people see all different scenarios.  Some were fun and easy going, others were difficult to watch.  The show probably shed light on every family in America in some way and the difficult times to watch were the life changing ones.  Sometimes in life we look for the humor in TV shows because nobody wants to watch awkward moments.  Those are the ones however that make us think and see our lives.  Not taking the easy way out the show focused on many issues like divorce, drugs, health problems, cancer, sex, autism, love and the struggles of being a parent.

     You would see how the family interacted and used each other for help and support.  Sometimes after watching I could totally understand where the episode was coming from and I felt it was directed at me.  I feel the writers did such an amazing job of keeping the viewers on their toes and giving us a great story line.  The cast did such an amazing job, I couldn't imagine a different cast.  The show had special guest as well and toward the end picked up a few other characters.  Ray Ramano came in later and honestly I feel his role was perfect.  He did such an amazing job at the part.  I have seen him act before but taking on this role was amazing  John Corbett guest starred as Sarah's ex and father to her children.  A tough role to play however he did a great job.  There is a deleted scene in the end I saw.

     It really was amazing and I am sad they didn't include it.  .  When the end of the final season was coming they did such a great job wrapping up some loose ends as well as put a final episode together that was just perfect.  I have seen a few series finales over the past year and honestly I wasn't extremely happy.  I felt they could have done some things different.  However when Parenthoods last episode came it was an ending to remember.  The whole show wrapped up perfectly.  I won't ruin it incase you have not watched it.  If not I would see the series and take the time to invest.  It was sad to see it end and Kay and I watched it twice because it was that good.  As this show ends I hope more like it come.  Not often a show that just captures the viewer comes alone.  A show like this that shows how difficult family life in this time frame can be, but how amazing and fun as well.  I would personally thank everyone involved for this show.  It was one that will be remembered.   Take some time to watch it if you haven't. 

     I can talk about how good the show was and what it was more about in depth but I think its best to view it for your self.  I wanted to say short and sweet.  They did a great job, every once and a while a good show comes along and this one was it. 

Thank you Parenthood for a great show...
Below are some clips and the final scene from the show...

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Parenthood Fan...


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