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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Tire Pressure

     So I know everyone says watch your tire pressure but this time of year do it more so.  With cold weather hitting the entire country your tires will seem lower.  When the cold air is here the air in the tires will contract and the pressure will get lower.  However remember when you drive the air and tire heat up and expand so be careful.

My tips:

     Drive your car and let the tires head up then check the pressure.  Do not fill them to the max after your car sat all night or the air will expand more than what is recommended. 

     You don't want more air then is recommended the tire could get damaged or blow.  Less airs is better only because if the weather breaks and warms up your tire will start to warm up and the air expands so just keep an eye on it. 
     If you feel it is vey low check the pressure and only fill after you have driven and the air has had a chance to warm up. 

     My pressure like most cares is 35lbs.  In the morning on cold days my tires can be as low as 30 lbs.  As I drive they can go up to 32 or 33.  I usually leave this because I know warmer weather is coming and you don't want to overfill your tires.  Early spring check them or check them at your next oil change. 

I hope this helps!

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