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Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Trip to the Rink!

     Saturday we headed off to and Ice Skating Rink with Becky and Matt.  The 5 of us got our stuff and Kayla had to go get her skates cleaned up.  She has her own which might save in the future if Quinn wants to go again.  We got all setup and headed on the ice!  I have to be honest it has been a while since I have even been on it.  Quinn at first was nervous and it was understandable.  We used a chair like other beginners had to help her out.  She took a few falls but keep it up.  She didn't want to give up and she wasn't going to leave till she got it.  She did take a few breaks to rest but after a while on the ice she started to get the hang of it.  We would push her in the chair and she would even push us to get the hang of things.  It was cute to see her get out that and try something new like this. Ice Skating is not easy and even adults can struggle. 

     Kay and I even had some time to go around by our selves and have some time.  It was fun to be back skating and just enjoying the day.  I haven't been on ice in years so I had to be careful too.  There were however some really good skaters out there.  Some really knew what they were doing.  As the time went on Quinn got to the point where she was going by herself.  she even let go of the chair a few times and didn't use the help!  We were so proud of her for at least trying this.  We got some great pictures and video's and then wrapped up the event.  We were out there a good hour and I forgot how much your legs can hurt!  I am so proud of her however and she even said she would do it again!  I would go back with her some time and see how she does.  The nice thing is rinks like that are open all year. 

     I thought about getting into Skiing and I will see how she feels when she is older.  For now I am glad she is getting different kinds of experiences and exercise!  I would recommend this to you, get out and try skating with your kids!  I think it is something they will enjoy and it makes a great family event!

I hope you all enjoy the pics!
Getting ready!

Here we go!

She took a break and just got used to the ice! Dads, we do it all...

Everyone got a push!

Matt and Becky!

She's skating!

Here we are!

Kay and I

Look how good she got!

No Hands!!!

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


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