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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ice Ice Baby!

     Hey all!
So the last few days and no post, well I have a good reason. Ice Ice Baby!  About a week ago we found a water stain in our living room and looked around the bathrooms and areas of the house.  We then shoveled the front roof.  It continued, I then called a roofer but Tuesday it was to late, we were up till 2AM my Dad, Kayla and I ripping down the bathroom ceiling.  The next day the roofers came back and explained an Ice Damn.  How the ice builds up and the water ruins your home.  The knocked it down and I worked on the front roof again making sure the ice was off that.  We ended up getting a new long ladder and today I plan to clean out the gutters so they are fully empty.

     With the weather being so cold this year this problem is happening all over.  It gets worse to, so now we had to drill a hole in the family room ceiling and drain the water sitting there!  I had a waterfall in m house.  Well with the ice under control the damage did stop.  The area's are starting to dry up and I will just have to watch for snow and build up as winter continues.  I did call my insurance and put a claim in.  They did say they don't fix the roof because its not technically damaged, just the shingles lift per the ice.  They gave me great ideas for spring on how to fix this.  They also will cover anything inside damaged. 

   Here is some humor that can happen, I'm sure you have all seen this ad.  How true it is however!

    So now we have to wait it out another month or so till the winter is fully over then get the rooms and roof looked at.  It won't be the most comfortable but for now things are dry and we know now what to look for.  I was grateful how fast the roofers came and how good they were.  Driving around I can see a lot of ice and I have some tips for you!

     Make sure you look around your home and get rid of any icicles first.  Keep an eye inside if you see a water mark that means water has been there probably a little while at least.  Call a roofer, don't endanger your self and try it.  Unless you have the right tools and help falling is not worth it!  Then call your insurance and put a claim in because there is a long line a head of you.  Once the ice is off keep an eye on it and look up differing remedies on the internet there are some that work. 

    Then in the spring have the roof looked at, make sure you have flashing or a weather proofing substance below your shingles there are different things they can do.  Also have your ventilation looked at and your insulation looked at.  Also think about either larger gutters or even taking the gutter down.  The one roofer said I could remove the one section in the Fall and there would be no ice build up because the gutter will be gone.  Then have the inside fixed and always keep up with your roof.  You should have something under your shingles like flashing all the way around the edge of the whole roof.  Also if you  have swelling or your ceiling is bubbling then get a bucket and drain it!  You don't want water sitting up there.  I know putting a hole in your ceiling sucks but you have to drain the water or it will spread and come down anyway!  A hole will make the water find an exit, one you can have a bucket under.  Get the water out of your ceiling. 

     Also don't stress, don't fix any dry wall yet, check for mold and wait for spring.  The only thing we can do is wait for spring and then start working.  Just keep the area clear of ice and snow and you should be fine.  The inside will dry and insurance will work with you depending on your coverage and plan.  I hope to get back blogging again and not having to clean my roof every day!  Below is a great example I found online on what can happened.  I hope it helps and always be safe. 

Happy winter!

Always remember,
You are Never alone...




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