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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The 3 Month Challenge!!!

     I have always been good at keeping my mind, body and spirit in the best shape I can.  I am a pretty big fan of preaching our bodies are very precious and there are so many things that can damage them.  I don't know why we as people keep putting them under stress with food, drugs and stress.  Since I was a kid I always liked to work out as I got older I continued as well as showed my love for being outside.  Now everyone has the cheat days here and there.  I do enjoy a burger or Chinese food and yes a beer in the summer on hot day, or two...   Last year I wanted to do a 3 month challenge, they are pretty popular and have all different time frames but 3 months is very popular with people. 

     You pretty much give your self 3 months of working out harder and sticking to a more strict diet.  I start in April that way it ends July, the beginning of the nice weather!  I work out all year and eat healthy as well.  However within the three months I work out a harder regiment and have pretty much no cheat days at all.  Now this doesn't mean I just work out and eat chicken or tuna fish like one might think.  You can still enjoy food just eat right!  So below is what I did last year along with some pics, I know I put up pics I was nervous. 

     So what I did last year and what I will do this year is pretty much the same except this year I am focusing on trimming that lower belly that even people that work out have a hard time getting rid of!  It probably is the most pain the ass area to work!  That spare tire or love handles! Ugh they just don't give up!  What we did last year however is simple!

     1) We did some research, looked online watched health shows just figured out what was good to eat and what was just a myth or fad. 
     2) When I worked out I made sure I didn't make the sessions easy.  I would work my body and make sure I felt it after.  You don't have to hurt your self but pushing your body is good. 
     3)  I made sure I had protein, have it after you work out or if you don't.  You need to keep taking I to feed your body and recover after a work out.
    4)  Just got rid of the junk food.  I am a cookies/ice cream guy.  So I just made sure I didn't have it in the house and kept desserts small and healthy.
     5)  We used things like Coconut oil to cook chicken in which is healthier.  Also eating veggies with every meal and having sides like Couscous and Quinoa, both are high in fiber and protein.  They have pain dishes or the stores sell them now with packages that have flavor and different things in them!  They make a great side dish, are healthy and filling!  I like to cook up a breaded chicken with either side and a vegetable.  The dinner is very filling and you feel great after.  Your body can digest  the meal very easily also.
     6)  I also take a fiber supplement and vitamin as well as an omega 3 supplement.  I take them all year however they do help. 
   The following was a few things I have done and will do and there are more however the most important is just sticking with it!  Take the time to figure what you want to do what areas you want to improve and how to work on those.   Also when it comes to eating some people will skip meals, don't!  When you are hungry your body will burn fat and muscle for fuel.  Try to eat small amounts all day.  This is something I am going to try to do.  I am used to a larger lunch however I am now trying to break that up. 

     Stick to your plan and look into great healthy eating habits besides fruits and veggies.

     Below is my before and after pic of last Spring when I did this challenge the first time.  I feel I did ok and that I have to work on not straying from the path and now focusing on more lower stomach exercise to finally cut that belly fat which is the hardest. 

April 2014 Start of last year's challenge 

July 1st 2014 End of challenge.

    I think I didn't do to bad, well i know it looks like i lost a lot of hair!  So for the new challenge I hope to tone more and fully get the sides reduced and toned down as well.  We will see!

Any tips or tricks let me know!  I will post in July my results!

Always remember,
You are never alone...



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