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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Being Recognized on other sites!

     I was very honored by a fellow blogger to have him put a story I submitted to his blog on his blog.  My friend across the pond David has a blog, daddieslovetheirdaughters.  I met David a while ago and just love his blog and all the work he does for parents of all kinds.  He is truly a mad of the world posting about Daddies of all nations and areas across the globe.  A very strong supporter of my blog and g+ accounts we often share ideas, and laughs.  Recently he asked his readers to submit a story.  I submitted one called things they'll never know.  It was about how when I was young and remember seeing how hard my Dad worked for my brother, mother and I, how he got called in late to work or had to leave for the weekend on business.  I can remember he would come home and never show how tired or upset he was because how much his company worked him.  He did what he did to make sure we had a safe home, food on the table and cloths on our backs.  He never complained and taught us the value of working hard and earning our money as well.  When I became a father and then eventually got divorced I was working two jobs and all different hours doing the same.  I came home tired, but when I picked up Quinn I never let her see it I would spend time with her when it was my days to have her and take her out.  When I tuck her into bed even till today I just don't let her know how hard I work so she has that safe room, food and cloths.

     So now that I doing it i look back and really see what our parents did for us, what they do for us.  I hope one day Quinn learns the value of money and she will be working and seeing her little ones in bed.  They lay there sleeping not knowing how hard she works for them as I for her, and my father before me...  I did blog about this not to long ago and told this story.  I want to thank David and his staff for all their work.  Please check out his site!  His link is above in this post as well as on the right side of my bog at the top!

David, I can't thank you enough for all your love and support my friend!  Although we are miles apart we share a bond stronger than most that live near...

Below is a link to the story I submitted to his site and that David posted for me!  Please check it out as well has his site!
My story

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