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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Night with the Guys.

     So a few weeks ago my Dad, soon to be father, brother, uncles and friends took me out for a small dinner.  It was a batchlor party with about 10 or so of us and the bar was nice and empty I will start by adding.  We called ahead to get some tables and when we arrived it was all setup.  We just sat around drinking and talking telling old stories and just having a good time.  Although my first party was more games and at a hall this was just as good.  Simple and just to the point, with family and friends.  The same night Kayla and some of her friends and family had a small party and dinner for her which was nice too. 

     She went to her families house and there they made dinner and hung out like we did.  I think going out with your friends like this before the wedding is important.  We wern't sure if we were going to get a party for us in but we pushed some things around and pulled it off!  I am so glad to, a batchlor party even if simple is just one you need to do.  You need to be with your guy or girl friends for an evening.  A tradition that we all love.  So as we sat around talking and just enjoying the evening I smailed and was glad that I did it.  We got home and the girls were there waiting with some of Kayla's family that came in to town.  We hung out some more and just had a good eveing.

     A classy night with friends and a great end to my single life.  I would always tell anyone to get out before you get married and just have some time with your family and friends, enjoy a night out joking and just being around your buddies...

Here we all are!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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