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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Get ready for that big day!

     So for my tip this week, a very special one.  Getting organized and ready for a very special day!  There maybe many different special days in our lifetime but a wedding is one of the top ones!  Getting organized can take months even years depending how good you are.  However when it comes to the final few days my tip to you is to get everything set early!

     The next few days we have to pack, get all the stuff we need to bring up as well as get Quinn ready!  My tip is to write it all down and cross it off as you go!  Nothing is worse than thinking of somehting while on the road! We made a section of our dining room an area we can put all our stuff and proably tonight or tomorrow we will have a check list of all we need.  Do your slef a favor and just check things off as you go!  As for Quinn, well we will be telling her about it tomorrow.  She knows about the wedding but not specificly when, only becuase she will just ask us ever 5 minutes!  When it comes to kids you can keep them semi in the dark for a while.  It is easier on you and them.  Whatever you do however for your wedding party make sure you keep them in mind.

     Kayla and I made sure we have a small basket of nice things for her to feel special on her day.  You want to make sure kids feel they are just as part of the event as others. Get her a few things she will love to have during the event as well as maybe a toy and something to wear even like a nice necklace she will always have. 

     So as the days draw near our piles of wedding stuff grows and so does our list!  However I think we will be ready.  So make sure when you are planning something big always have that checklist and get ready, nothing is worse then saying, "ohh no we forgot..."  Once set you can sleep easy knowing you have it all!  I will keep everyone posted for the upcoming events!

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