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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Get ready for school!


      So with school around the corner is every parent ready?  I have been looking online and saw so many great tips so I wanted to put a few up on my blog for all you parents!  If you have any please let me know, feel free to share!

     1)  Get your child cloths, make sure they are ready for the new year with some new cloths.  They will need warmer ones since fall will come fast!  Also they are growing so always keep so they don't look to big for their cloths.  There are great back to school specials as well so take advantage of them!

     2)  Start getting on a schedule now.  Start by having your child back in bed early and reminding them they have to get ready for the new year.  I let Quinn stay up later in the summer because she can sleep in more.  However now that school is fast approaching make sure they are getting to bed earlier because soon they will have to be getting up early and getting ready for school.

     3) Get the supplies!  School supplies, everything from what the teacher will tell you to new backpack if they need it or lunch box!  Don't let your child go to school and have to ask to borrow a pen!  You also may need to get lunch supplies, normally making a lunch in the summer is easier but now you have to get things to pack for your child so make sure you know what they want and like and start making a list.

     4)  Make sure you go to the school to meet with the teacher if they ask.  Some schools will invite you out to see and meet the new room and teacher!  Make sure you go and do this, you may not have your child with you but go and get all the info you can. 

     5)  Get your child ready and pump them up!  School is fun and each new year is a time for change and new adventures.  Get them ready by telling them how exciting it is and how much fun they are going to have!  Can you remember how fun school was for you and how you got to see all your friends!  Give them that same experience! 

     There are many other tips out there and please do feel free to look and check!  I think getting ready for school is great and the first few days and weeks are just so amazing.  The summer can get your child out of a routine so make sure a week or so before you bring them back to school they are fully prepared...

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  1. Great set of tips Christopher. I have a Grandson who is 2 & 6mths, goes to daycare every working day of the week. Its important they say for the early yrs, to teach them to recognize there name and write it by the time they start school. It's also good that the little people learn how to visit the toilet on there very own helps the teachers too. Great post for new Mums & Dads, we thank you