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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Wedding Tip; Take in the Day...

     Still working on the actual wedding post yes but today I did ask many people if they had any wedding tips for that day and well we did a few and they really paid off.

     1)  Enjoy the time, enjoy the whole weekend or how long it is, the days before the rehearsal dinner but take it all in and just enjoy it all.  From the time we arrived up North till we left we just soaked it all in, we can't stop time but we can enjoy it.

     2)  Have some drinks but not to many.  I hade some wine and a few beers but I would always say not to have to many.  Only because you don't want to wake up not knowing what happened is no way to spend the day or weekend.  I was glad I had fun but more glad I remembered it all and didn't have to much to drink.  Remember the time you all have and remember it in a good way.  It is something you will be happy you did.

     3)  Take pictures, I know this is a given but take lots of candid shots, not just still ones.  You will find when everything is done there are lots of fun pictures you never knew were taken.  Ones you will enjoy and love because candid ones are amazing. 

     4)  Take time after your wedding to relax.  Even if you don't go anywhere take time off and do day trips.  That's what we did and it was amazing, but what ever you decide to take time off to relax and enjoy each other.  The rest will be well deserved.

     5)  Someone told us during our wedding to leave and just go someplace.  Take a walk and just be with each other.  During the dancing we both just took a walk past the parking lot and got some air.  It was well worth it, we just talked and hugged spend time together.  It was nice to get outside as well I may say, but just taking that few minutes we just had that time to be alone and really enjoy the night...

     Not that I'm an expert on marriage, although this is my second.  However I know there are many more tips but the following I listed above really worked for us and I hope if you are getting married soon I hope you think about following them or a few.   I am excited to get more post for our vacation and wedding this week!  Stay tuned!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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  1. Good tips! I am still probably a few years away from planning a wedding, but it's good to gain knowledge ahead of time!