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Sunday, August 16, 2015

As our Vacation draws to a close...

     Hello all!  Ok so this summer has been one for the record books!  Kayla and I got married last weekend and I told her I would not post on our vacation!  We are still sorting pictures and I will be working on blogging several post and I can't wait to update you all on how the weekend went and the week we had off!  I do want to update you all and just say the weekend was nice and it all came together.  We had a few glitches we all joked about but it really went smoothly!

     So we got home last Sunday and had her one brother with us.  We unpacked and started our stay at home honeymoon.  As the week now comes to a close I sit here a married blogger now getting ready to go back to the grind of work tomorrow!  Kayla and I just spend the day today relaxing, her Dad and other brother came up this past weekend to get her other brother to bring home and visit.  As we sat here today we just couldn't believe how fast the week went.  It was nice to be off the grid for the week, I really only used my phone a few times but sleeping in was nice and just not working too!

     Well three months ago she said yes when I asked and last week she said yes again.  I can't believe how fast time fly's I sit her now just wondering where the week went!  I will be excited to blog and remember all the fun things we did, I am excited to share the pictures and tell all the adventures we did this past week!  I will be on top of it I promise!  I may start with honeymoon just because those pictures are ready and I can upload them.  

     I hope everyone had a great week and I hope your summer is going just as well!

I will be blogging very soon!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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