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Monday, August 31, 2015

Review 7: Some of the best Blogs Around!

     This month I wanted to give some credit to some of my friends around the world and the blogs they have!  Since I have been a Blogger, about 5 years now I have met many friends and people along the way that have given me such support.  Over the past year or so now I have come to find 3 have been such moral support.  My three newer friends have always support my blog and inspired to tell me story.  They also have shared my story to their friends and others!  So below please check out some of the best blogs the internet can offer!!

Site 1:  daddies love their daughters  This site by my friend David expresses love toward children of all communities around the world.  David and I share our love and struggle of being parents, his blog gives such good tips, helpful hints and it is illustrated by his team who is so very talented! 
David has a very active Google Plus site as well and I hope you visit his blog and Google site, I will give links below. 

     David always helps support my blog by letting other parents know what I go through and learn he passes my post on and expresses interest.  He also had a contest and I gave him an example of parenting and growing up was like for me.  He had it drawn out and put in his blog/Google site!  I was so impressed and honored.  Link to this site Link to my post!  David is very good follower because he always checks in on other sites.  Many others will follow you an show some interest but he always see's how I'm doing and offers support, guidance and shares my story.  I am very honored to share his blog and would advise anyone to check it out.  You will see a parenting prospective with a great illustrator!  His site is very friendly and fun to lookover and read. 

David, thank you for all your support I am very honored to share our stories as fellow parents!

David's info:
daddies love their daughters
Google +

Site 2: rainy day reads15
     Alisha has been a very close friend for a log time!  We talk about books, sports, cooking, everything.  She has been such a supporter of my blog passing post along to her readers and referring me on ways to get my blog out there more.  She is a big supporter of my cooking post and even thought I should have a page for it!  I am looking into this b/c of you Alisha!  I do feel it can be harder to pick up a good book because of all the distractions but Alisha is a very big reader and has many book challenges!  She will also refer a good read to you as well.
     During the Woman's World cup her and a few others talked games!  We would predict outcomes and just post about what we think about players and different games going on.  I hope we pick something soon like this!  Alisha always gives me good advise as well as post awesome comments and words of encouragement on my site and Google + account.  She is very helpful and friendly, showing me many tips and tricks on how to keep your blog getting views.
     She also gives great reviews many on the books she has written.  A review that is very looked or and much time taken into it.  I would very much so recommend checking her blog and Google + site out!  Introduce you self and say hello.  If you are a reader check out some of the books she has read or even offer ones you liked!  Alisha thank you so much for you support and I continue to talk to you about our sites and getting my cooking page up!

Alisha's info:
Google +

Site 3:  http://www.lavenderinspiration.com/
     Nikki and I have been talking for a while now as well!  She is a friend of Alisha and I actually met Alisha through Nikki!  Nikki has a great blog about her life and general aspects but also does outstanding reviews!  She reviews all different things my favorite are her movies!  She will review a movie right as it comes out or an other but classic one!  This gives me a mindset on what is out and good and what is old and still good!  Her reviews are well put together as well as detailed but not to forth giving so you wont get spoilers.  I have seen many movies based off her reviews and look forward to many more.  Her reviews also include a trailer and the post is just well put together.  Her site is very easy to navigate and she is also one of the few that will show interest!  She isn't a blogger that looks for just sheer popularity.  She will review your site, post or Google + comments and reply she shows interest in what she does and looks over.
    She has been such a supporter of Parenting 365 I am so happy to have her as a friend.  Nikki will also take interest in things to review.  I don't know I have given her anything to review over yet but she did say my review section was very nice!  I hope I can quote her on that!  Nikki's Google + page will also have lots of valuable and fun ideas, facts and stories to check out.  I would recommend reviewing them and seeing what is out there!  Nikki is an excellent blogger, and reviewer, check out her work and say hello!

Nikki's info!
Google +

All the sites I have listed have my full support, please look them over and see.  You can also get to them via my site on the right hand side under other great places to visit! See below  for details.

     I do hope to add more to my list and intend to however my friends above are a great group to have, we have never met but that doesn't mean one can't be close.  Blogging brings people together and sharing good ideas and even difficult times only strengthens that.  I hope you all enjoyed this review and do look into the sites above.  You will be very happy that you did!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Keep Posting my Blogging friends!



  1. You rock! Thank YOU for including me and for ALL the support you've given me. I just passed my one year anniversary and I appreciate all the help you and others have given me.

  2. You rock! Thank YOU for including me and for ALL the support you've given me. I just passed my one year anniversary and I appreciate all the help you and others have given me.

    1. Thank you! of course! we are a support system! I look forward to reading more great reviews!!

  3. You are the best, Chris! Thanks so much!

    1. Of course! You all are one of the reasons I stayed on, I at one point wasn't sure if anyone was there anymore but you all showed up and its been awesome since!

  4. Hello, I have read, enjoyed and loved your blog, so down to earth. I'm visiting here because of our blogger friend +Alisha Trost, A true inspiration to me, she made me a #hashtag of my very own, and with her help has launched my new adventure #soulfoodandco to heaps of like on my fb page. I'm look forward to following your blog and the others you have mention here. Have a great day

    1. Trina,
      Thank you so much for the kind words! Alisha is so amazing she really is. I look forward to sharing ideas and looking through your blog too!!