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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Happy Birthday Kayla!
Today was Kayla's birthday, I know a lot has happend since I last blogged and I will blog about the wedding and honey moon soon!  I wanted to just wish my new wife a very happy birthday and tell her I love her and thank her for all the love and support she gives Quinn and I.

     Just so you know I got Kayla a nice card and a blog with a saying on it that says Live free, be happy.  I got that for her because we are not married and our Ex's will not bring us down or control how we feel or think anymore.  If we never see them again or well have to seem them weekly.  Our lives are ours and we will live free from being bullied...  We will also be happy now, we have each other and thats all that matters.

     The day was great and with the weekend closing out and us starting work Monday I can't wait to jump back in the cyber world and update you all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and if you see Kayla wish her happy Birthday!!

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This picture is a little older, but I do love it.

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  1. Tell Kayla a very happy belated birthday from me!