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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Getting ready for Halloween

     This Halloween is on a Saturday which is pretty cool I must say!  Being a time of the year I love so much I get excited it is here.  However you need to remember people want to have fun, and some want to be dangerous.  As you get ready for the big weekend here are some tips that will help you and your child have fun and be safe!

1)  Never let your child go out alone!  If they are older most parents let them go with friends, however make sure they stick together and don't go places they shouldn't.  For younger kids be behind them every step of the way.  If your spouse has to stay home make sure you don't get distracted texting or using your phone.  There are cars out, and lots of people as well so watch your child.

2)  Make sure they have something on their costume that will reflect or shine making them easy to see.  And carry a flash light as well for dark areas of the neighborhood. 

3)  Start early, even if its daylight out young kids can go out early, many people will see young kids and understand this. 

4)  Don't stay out to late or go to long.  Your kids need to rest too, give them a set of homes and visit some family but don't let them get tired.  They will think they can keep going but they will wear down fast. 

5) When you are done inspect the candy!  A big one everyone knows, most is safe however always look for things open or something that doesn't look like your general candy and be safe, just throw it out...

6)  Let your child get comfortable and help you pass out candy!  Lots of kids like to go out but lots also like to go home early to help pass out candy!  Open the door with them and let them help out! They will get to show their costume off and see others.   

7)  Make sure if you kids go out they know when to come home and make sure they have a phone with them.  If you feel its getting later call and get them home.  Also make it clear to stay in the one area.  If they want to travel outside take them your self, this way you can wait by the car as they go house to house.  One of my best friends and I when we were kids went out to a new area.  Our Mom's drove us and they talked and watched us go place to place.  It was fun and our Mom's felt safe they were there.

8)  Don't let your child go in anyone's homes, unless you know them!  Friends, family people you know and trust.  We live in the 21st century but people still use old tricks...

9)  Just generally keep an eye out.  As your kids are in front of you look for cars, anything out of the ordinary.  Just be mindful and don't be distracted social media can wait, look at your kids!  Also if you are driving be careful of others and drive slow and look out for families. 

10)  Have fun!  Go out and see your neighbors, they will love to see you come by.  When you are done put some fun movies on and have some snacks.  Enjoy the festive holiday and parents, eat something sweet!  I know were all on diets... its HALLOWEEN!  enjoy the night and diet the next day!

Here are some more follow up pointers as well!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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