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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review 9: You're Local Farm Market

     In the spirit of the Fall season I wanted to do a review on the local farm market!  This is mainly a general one meaning "Every Local Farm Market".  I wanted to give thanks and much needed attention to the local farm market that does so much.  Below I will talk about 3 in my area and why I love them so much!

     Every town pretty much as one, you know the owner, their kids and even everyone shopping.  The local farm market in your town.  The farmer that still does it all the old way, they may have vegetable fields or grow mainly fruit however the case maybe they have that old style look with that loving respect.  There were a bunch in my town growing up and the three I visited most were.

baumans farm market

     Bauman's Farm Market was the closest to my home I would ride my bike there to get food and goodies.  The owners kids were in Scouts with me and they are all a great group.  I still see them out today.  They put on a great spread all year and do amazing work in the fall.  They have a great variety of local grown fruits and vegetables.  If they don't make it they bring it in from local other farmers to sell.  Jim the owner and friend of ours has been doing this for so long and does a wonderful job.  His greenhouses let him start growing flowers early in the year and he sells all different kinds of plants and things to put around your home, not just food!  You can also pick strawberries and other things thought out the year to have or you can make some money off them.  As far as I know you still can.  With a great friendly staff I encourage to check it out! 

schutts apple mill

       Schutts Apple Mill is just down the road from Baumans and has a different variety.   They have fields full of Apple Tree's, and different berry bushes.  When I was a kid I used to pick all different kinds of berries to sell back for money.  They have the same type of layout as well inside.  A very cozy feel their staff is friendly and helpful.  We come here for a few things, Apples and Honey.  With so many different kinds of apples it will take a while till your finally get through them all!  With apples being so healthy I always love getting some for the family.   Shutts sells apple frost, which are very addictive.  In a cup they pour out like a gritty soft ice-cream.  It's sweet and smooth and has an amazing taste to it!  You can get a brain freeze fast so be careful!  They sell them all year to so that's awesome.  When I picked for them I think most of my profits when to an apple frost after I was working.  Seems they know how to work the system!

powers farm and market
     Powers Farm Market is a few towns over but not far.  We usually go to get our pumpkin for Quinn there.  Now the other places sell them but she request to go there so.  Powers has live animals which is different and fun.  When we go we like to feed and pet them.  Actually when my brother and I were kids we were over there petting the sheep and other non-dangerous animals because they only have safe ones.  Well my Grandma yells us to get away so they don't bite us!  My Aunt started laughing only because if you saw the little sheep you would too...  These little guys just wanted to be fed and pet they could care less about my hand haha.  It was funny and we laughed.  Powers has a large inside and with lots of fresh foods and baked goods I dare you to leave empty handed!  I also buy some of my honey there.  In fact I talked to one of the bee keepers when she was unloading some jars.  She told me all about the process and everything.  This is why I love to buy local!  With a great staff and them being open almost all year  I would check them out and get some fresh goods!

     When it comes to getting my honey I will only go to the local farmer now.  Unless I am out and there is proof the store selling is buying local pure honey then yes.  Also they all have such amazing baked goods!  

The honey is all natural and nothing is done to it like in the stores.  I actually learned from a local bee keeper the store honey is bleached and altered. You can also buy honey combos and eat them!  We got honey there not to long ago and there was part of the hive in the bottle.  Kayla was like that's the hive!  I said, that's how you know its fresh!  I love it!  Honey is so amazing and powerful.  It helps in so many ways and pure honey will never go bad!

With that said I encourage you all to visit and spend money at your local farmers market, you are investing back into your community and getting some of the best goods there are!  I would never want to live in  a world where I had to go to the store for everything and see a box with printed out info on it.  So I say support your local farmers!  One small setback I will say is they usually aren't open al year, however we all understand this and learn when to shop and stock up! 

See below for info on some of the ones near me! 

Powers Farm Market
PH: 585-586-4631

Schutt's Apple Mill
PH: 585-872-2924

Bauman's Farm Market
PH: 585-671-2820

I hope you enjoyed this review and remember we have come so far because of our farmers!

Always Remember,
You are never alone...  There are Farmers...


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