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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Split Birthday Parties

     For many kids and parents a birthday party is a fun day and event.  When it comes to divorced parents it can be harder.  The past several years I have thrown Quinn's birthday party it really was just family and friends.  Friends that are really older that is.  Since she lives with her Mom more and there are more kids on her street they usually throw a big party at a place.  Seeing how I can't afford this I usually throw a party at my house and invite close friends and family.  It was nice and I can't wait to blog about it and post how the day went!  However for parents like us I won't lie its hard.

     At one point Quinn was upstairs and I went to get her and she was upset in the bathroom.  I sat down and hugged her b/c she was crying.  There was no kids her age there and I felt horrible, I told her it would get easier and that she had a party earlier at her Mom's so her friends there went and they had a fun I bet! When it comes to having to share your child it can be hard and something like this is one of those times.  The past few years have been difficult because there aren't many kids at all on our block and even harder to have time to play with them because Quinn isn't here much.  One of the harder aspects I guess.  I felt so bad when I was trying to comfort her and did everything I could.

     So for single parents trying to throw a party I have some advise I learned and try my self...

     1) Always invite family and close friends, if there are no kids her age at least family and friends you know that love her will show her how special she is.

     2)   Give your child things to do so they don't just sit there as the adults talk. 

     3)  Make sure she feels special and is listened to!

     4)  Let her play with any toys she already has, or for the most part a few.  Play with her and enjoy your time. Or let her help prep and cook for the party!

     5)  Keep the party moving and don't let it slow down. 

     6)  Take lots of pictures and after play with your child and let them see their new toys!

    After the party a few people left but some stayed to just help pick up and hang out.  Quinn did have a great time and we did what we could.  It's very tough on the parents and child when you have to figure out things like this.  Every year her birthday comes up I wonder what I can do to make it memorable.  Just if anything do your best to show your love and celebrate it with your child.  That's all that will matter...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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