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Monday, October 19, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Don't Donate to Breast Cancer for the Cure

Now that I have your attention, relax and take a breath before you fall off your chair and start posting mean comments...    

     So my title sounds terrible, donating for cancer research is a good thing... but there is a chance you are doing it wrong...

     Please read this post and watch the video below before jumping right to commenting... 

     Now everyone knows how important donating to a charity is and I think everyone has tried to help and still does however with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month I wanted to advise you to be careful where you donate!  I am a pretty big fan of Rob Dyke he post about different video's on You Tube.  Things that are scary, funny and interesting.  He recently uploaded a video explaining where some money goes to when you donate to different charities and how much some of the CEO's can pull from this.  The video is below and I advise to watch it and see why I posted this blog.

     Now being someone who is very supportive I have to advise like Rob I am not trying to cause an issue or upset people however with all the money raised for different things do you ever wonder how much of that is used correctly?

     What others don't also realize there are so many other days and months that are dedicated to other research.  For example did you know October is also Physical Therapy Month?  I bet you didn't know that.  I didn't know that!  Kayla is a PTA, no not the group of woman at schools that yell, that's PTSA...  She works in Physical Therapy and yes this month is dedicated to for this.  Now it is shadowed by Breast Cancer awareness month.  I will tell you after throwing out my back, PT was all I wanted so yes it is very important!  Get a new knee, hip or surgery and see how far you get with out physical therapy.  It is so important but with Breast Cancer awareness month being this month as well little is known or brought to the attention for PT.  However again I am not braining down Breast Cancer Awareness however shedding light that there are so many other very important things we should also pay attention.  With hundreds of National Awareness days you can be taken for if you're not careful.  Another very important aspect is October is also domestic violence awareness month, again very important.  In fact there are places that donate money to the local chapters for Domestic Violence if you buy their products which I think is awesome of them.  The funds go directly to help people that have been hurt.  Domestic violence is horrible and happens more than we probably know.      

      After I saw the video I really understood what goes on and Rob does give links to places that can give you good direction on charities that and explain them better.   What I do now is just ask you to check out the quick video so you are aware of  how some charities are run and so when you donate you know and feel your hard earned money is going to good use!  So my post may not be extremely long however I wanted to give you all understanding of how you can be taken for and think you are helping out when in reality your hard earned money is just making someone rich.
     So yes cancer research is important and I do donate however what my post topic meant was donate to the correct pathways and look into where your money is going.  I do encourage you to please watch the full video for it will explain what I have talked a little about!

Robs video is very educational and will make you think twice... Now I didn't fill this post with articles and facts and charts mainly the video because Rob does a good job explaining to be careful where you donate.  I try to donate as much as I can.  So after you read my post and watch the video please take note I don't mean don't donate!  However donate wisely and even look at other things going on this month you may not realize is happening...

Robs YouTube channel: Rob Dyke

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


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