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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Birthday Weekend!

      How do you follow up with post like that!  Thank you Kayla for the wonderful birthday post it was so nice to have someone post for me.  She is so good to me...

     So this weekend my father in law and one of my brother in laws came down to visit us.  Friday we went to Quinns School for their annual fundraiser.  They do a Hoe Down every year in the fall to raise money for the PTSA.  The even is very well rounded and put together, Kayla arrived and found Quinn who was with her Stepfather we then found her Mom and we all walked around and did events like the haunted house, face painting and got some candy most of the rooms had all different things you can do and you just needed to get tickets for it all.

     We had fun, took a few pics and just enjoyed the night.  Working with her Mom on events like this are what make the child know we can.  It can be odd or hard for some ex's to walk around with new spouses and the child but we do fine.  I like my ex's new husband he is really nice and I heard my ex likes Kayla so as the night went on we headed to get something to eat and then headed out becuase it was late and Kayla and I didn't eat.

     We got home and spend some time with Kayla's Dad and Brother and we put Quinn to bed.  The next day we spend most of it fixing and working with our kitchen!  We got a new fridge from my buddy.  Long story short we had to adjust the counter space and we did for the most part...  We also got a new dryer from Kaylas Mom and Dad, thank you again for that!  So as we update the house a little at a time but thats the joy in owning a home!  That night we cooked up some food and had family and friends over.  We ate, laughed and just celebrated a little.  I was so tired from all the work we did that day we all were so tired it was hard to party almost!   As the night went on we wound down and just relaxed and watched some TV waiting for the fridge to cool down as it settled in.

     It was a great night to a awesome weekend.  The next day we said goodbye to her family as they left and we had our own stuff to do!  We needed to get our pumpkins and other goodies and I can't wait to post about that, we also got Quinn's Halloween costume!  That night we ended up getting a few more things for the house and now just relaxing before the next work week...

     It was a great weekend and nice to get work done and spend time with my family.  I can't wait to post about our pumpkin picking!   I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


   We didn't take many pictures which is actually ok because you don't want to live behind a camr

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