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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Getting our Pumpkins!

     The past weekend we went on our annual pumpkin picking day!  Every year we go to Powers Farm market not to far from us.  We go around to different ones this time of year but usually get her pumpkins there.   They have been in business for many generations and are one of the staples to the area and families like ours! Their staff is very friendly and with much to do Quinn looks forward to our visit.  We arrived on Sunday and it wasn't to busy which was really nice.  We walked around a bit and then ended up at the tepee they make there.  It is actually many put together and you go inside and walk though about four areas.  Quinn went through with Kayla as I took some pictures, she loves it and they get a little scare.

    After we put some quarters in the machine and got to feed the animals there.  We walked around some more and looked for some pumpkins we told her she has to be able to carry her pumpkin to get it and of course she looked at big ones first haha.  It was cute and yes she found one!  After a few pics we went inside and got some sweets, cider, cookies some natural honey meaning non mass produced!  Some other small things and we packed up.  I love honey but only from a farm market.  They have bee keepers from around the area bring it all pure natural honey.  You would be amazed how much honey is tampered with if you get it in the store.   Sometimes there are bits of the come in the honey when you buy it off the farm.  That is pure!  I love it!!!!

     After we loaded the car Quinn wanted to feed the animals one more time.  We walked over and Quinn was so cute she took out her own money she brought and put her own quarters in.  She wanted to and I told her it was ok.  I was proud she used her own money because she is showing responsibility and working with her budget.

     We headed home and put some fun scary movies on and started to carve her pumpkin.  I did the hard parts because an adult is required but she scooped and drew the face she wanted me to to cut!  Kayla put the seeds in the oven and made amazing roasted seeds to eat!  They were so good.  After we were done we just hung out and relaxed the rest of the day.

    I love fall season because everyone has their heavier cloths on and you just walk around looking at the sights and the fall smell of the cold air and foods are in the air.  Everyone is in the spirit and just loving the days.  We went to pick up Quinns Halloween Costume as well that day!  Every year we have gotten her a costume even if I had her on Halloween or not.  We always made it work and this year its our weekend so I am so excited!  I can't tell ya you will just have to wait and see what she picked out!

     Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall season and getting ready for the big Halloween Night coming soon!

Enjoy the pics!!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Here we go!

What a great job they do!

Feeding the animals

We found one! Kay and Quinn.

Look how festive!

One more feeding trip

Carving the pumpkin!

All done!  Quinn is a goof some times but she so cute!  Just like her Dad!

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