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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quinn's Party!

     Last weekend was Quinns birthday Party!  It was a busy week and I finally got to post.  Sunday we had our family and friends come over and celebrate.  We had great food and just took some time to be with Quinn.  I mad some great apps that I can't wait to post about!  We then all sat down for some pizza, everyone enjoys a good piece of pizza.  After we had some cake and then presents!  

    Quinn opened up her presents and just had so much fun, everyone was so generous and Quinn took some great pictures with them.  After we just played with Quinn's toys a bit and relaxed.  It was a good day and Quinn had so much fun.  This coming weekend we have a big one getting ready for Halloween.  

     I added some pictures from when we celebrated Quinns birthday the week before.  We gave her some video's and some cloths and books. It was pretty cool to wake up that Thursday on her birthday.  Being in the a divorced you only get to wake up or put your child to bed on things like their birthday when they come around on your time.  Unless you alternate and some parents do.  However we do not, it stinks but when it comes around we just make it that much more memorable.  We did have so much fun that weekend and honestly thats all that matters...

Enjoy the pics!  

Here she is the night before her birthday!

She was so excited!

Getting together for her party.

The birthday Girl!

Uncle Paul and Aunt Amanda!
Paul is Quinns Godfather.

Uncle Kenny!

Matt and Becky!  Matt and Quinn love arguing its pretty funny.  

Aunt Ro, she got her a purse, now I can borrow some money from Quinn.

Oma and Popi!

Here we are!

We had a great day and Quinn had an awesome 7th birthday.  
Happy Birthday Quinn.

     Always Remember,
You are never alone...


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