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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Future is here!


   So today is Back to the Future Day!  Yes everyone that time has come!  If you ever watched Back to the Future part 2 you will know they travel to the future, 10/21/2015!  First of all, how funny to finally be in a day where back then it was mealy the future.  Also how many younger kids even seen the movie!  However something like this is mainly cool because that day is now!

     So did you get in your flying car and go to work? No, but there is a link below that talks about what we accomplished today and what we didn't.  I will admit in the movie it says the Cubs win the world series after the long streak and they are in the playoffs so that could happen!  Other technology like TV's that can have video chat are around and the Pepsi bottle was made for the special event however the larger ones are still being worked out.

     I know that theaters are playing it today which is really cool but if you never seen any of the movies I would go see them!  I really feel the series is a classic and with an all star cast to show this.  So check out the link below for more info and enjoy the day of the future!!!

Back to the future day

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