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Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Day on the Ice

     Yesterday we took our annual Ice skating trip and it was awesome!  Last year we went and had a blast so this year we knew we had to go again.   We went to the indoor rink and got started!  This year they had learning tools for kids which was nice so we didn't have to use the chairs this time!  Quinn was excited this time and went right out on the Ice.  The three of us went around and she got used to the skating.

     We let her go around her self too which we were so proud of because it shows her growing and seeing her limits.  We were so proud of her that day and had so much fun.   Remember getting out when the weather is cold or rainy is important!  When Quinn would take a break Kayla and I got to do some skating by our selves which was nice too.

     Skating is great for kids because it teaches them great motor skills.  Being able to balance is very important and skating will really help you and your kids get better at this.  Ice skating also is just so fun and romantic and one day maybe Quinn with go with someone she is dating, down the road of course!

     I will admit there were many kids skating and I was impressed how well they were doing and seeing how this might be something they will grow up doing.  I'm not sure about Quinn she may just want to do this more for fun than make it a profession, but you never know!

     Later that night we headed to dinner and had some dessert before bed.  The weekend was a fun one, Sunday we did some cleaning and just rested.  Quinns cleaning her room a lot better and following direction.  As the weekend closed out we looked back at our time and just saw how much we enjoyed it.  Even if we take sometime to relax on the couch.  I hope everyone had fun and a great time this weekend with their kids!

So you might be wondering what we did Friday?  Well actually made a great dinner, one we all enjoyed and I can't wait to post on my cooking corner!  We made a Cheeseburger Pita Pocket, stay tuned for more I can't wait to post on it...

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...

There she goes!

Here we are

It was a good day on the ice!

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