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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Giving them Responsibility and Room to Grow Part 2

     Last week I posted about how when your children grow up giving them more responsibility will help them.  In this second part I wanted to show you how you can in one example.  Recently I purchased an outside fryer.  Last week I asked Quinn if she would help Kayla and I assemble it!  We told her what we were doing and that we would love her help.  She was very excited to help and even though the directions weren't the best we did a great job working together.

     I know a lot of the times adults will do things while their kids watch, they may feel they can do it faster or the task maybe to difficult for them so they just take it over.  In this case I knew there would be some harder spots Kayla and I would do as well as some ones Quinn could do.  She helped assemble the parts and put things like washers and bolts together for us.  I was so excited she wanted to help and be a part of our project because when it was done she could say she helped put it together and working on things like this only boost ones feelings of being able to do more and more.  We went thought putting the fryer together all taking turns helping and working as a team.  Quinn was very excited to do her part and she did a great job as well.

     I was happy to note she didn't say no or told me she would rather do something else than help.  This can happen with children and you want to encourage them that helping is fun secretly knowing it is training them for life and working together as a team.  As we finished up we took some pictures and Kayla and I explained how proud we were for her helping us out.  Just a little bit of independence went a long way.

     So as she was doing her task I watched her but I didn't take over or bother her.  I just let her figure out what she needed to do and gave her time to know it was her job.  This also is important so they can think and problem solve.

      As I finish this post I would say to anyone have your kids help out and be a part of a project!  Some maybe to big for them, others maybe perfect.  If you even start off and have them give you tools, its still a great start.

I hope this two parter tip helped, remember let your kids grow with you and give them responsibility!
The Final Product!!

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