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Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday

  Today is good Friday, now typically I don't blog about Religion much per my readers come from all different views which I love and always appreciated.  I like to blog about this day however because it is one of the days that my religion does have a very strong and personal ceremony.  A day to be remembered.  It makes us stop and remember what has been given and even in different religions there is sacrifice, so this day I hope may make any other religions think about what was done for them.  I feel with religion as long as people feel there is a great good, a good to do make this planet a better place that really is the main thing.  People from all different religions come together to love and live on one planet and we have to.

     For me this very special day even if sad or dark makes me repent and remember that we need to stop and pray.  Remember what we have been giving and to take a small part of our day to pray for those who need it.  My life I have experienced may events I knew someone or something was looking out for me keeping me safe.  I and many others have had those "close calls".  Even if something doesn't go your way it all has a purpose.  However if you celebrate Easter you should think about today.  Take time to remember what was given and that we have to be thankful.

     Today is a very powerful day and no matter what your religion I do hope either you think about this day for it is a day you celebrate or think about a day in your religion that may come soon where you remember what was given.  I don't want to get to in depth with religion but I wanted to say I hope no matter what you follow you believe in the goodness of life.  Watching out for others and treating others with respect and love...  

     I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I will try to get a post in for Easter Sunday.  If you have your kids, have fun with them!  Eat, play games, enjoy the time with them!  If you do not have them, call them!  This year I do not have Quinn so I will call and wish her a Happy Easter!

Have a safe and Happy Weekend Everyone...

Always Remember,

You Are Never Alone....


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