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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Getting ready for Spring!


So yesterday was the first day of Spring!  As I looked out my window at work and saw the snow falling I didn't really feel it but its okay.  So now that we should be though the thick of things and that Spring is here I have a few great tips I think you might enjoy!

1)  First off wait for Spring to truly arrive!  It may still get cold so this is my first and most import tip.

2)  Start looking into yard work.  Think about cleaning up the gardens, raking even think about getting or looking into mulching!

3)  This is also a great time to do some Spring cleaning.  Wash the house windows, and the exterior its self.  Clean out your basement or attic and find out what you can get rid of or sell.

4)  Look into what needs painting.  Maybe the outside house, or your windows, you may want to re seal your windows as well.  Something we may do this year.

4)  Getting your snowblower put a way.  Run it till the gas is gone, then take out your lawn mower and change the oil, clean it up make sure it starts.

5)  When it gets warm enough put your screens down in your home.   Inspect them and see if any need repair.

6)  Make sure if you have a dehumidifier in your basement it is clean and ready.  Turn it on as well.  When you feel the cold weather is gone you can turn your furnace off and check your Air conditioner.  

7)   Put away your winter cloths and bring out your warmer weather ones.  Make sure you do this for your children too.  They will probably need new ones since they are growing.

8)  Generally inspect your house.  Over the winter you may find damage from ice or snow.  Check the foundation, and gutters.

9)  Clean your gutters, now that the rainy season is here you want them working correctly.

10)  Get ready to enjoy the warm weather.  Get outside and take a walk or bring the kids to the park.  As the weather warms up and the outside dry's make sure you are enjoying this time to get back outside!

     I hope everyone has a great Spring and I hope the following tips helped.  If you have any of your own let me know!  Very basic tips however some are easily missed, remember every season change requires us to adapt and get ready.  Heading into spring is a very big one because there is usually a lot of cleaning involved inside and out.  Have a great start to Spring everyone!

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