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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fat Kid Friday!

     This past Friday was Fat Kid Friday!  I attended one a long time ago and thought how fun this would be.  If you are wondering what one is well.  This party is for people to get together and just eat all the comfort food we love, snacks and drinks.  We wanted to have one because spring is coming up and with us eating healthy and working out but once the spring time comes we usually step up or game!  So we did one more big bash and had all the foods we wanted to enjoy.

     So what was on the menu.  Well when people arrived we started out with chips and some dips then moved on to Pizza Logs, Mozzarella sticks.  We ate talked and just had fun, after a bit I brought out Crab Rangoon and some breaded honey garlic wings.  I won't lie the food came out pretty good and I was excited on the way I have been progressing.  Last I made us fried ice cream!  

     The food was great and the company too.  We took out some games and played into the night.  Laughing, drinking and just having fun.  A night where we can eat some good foods and not care.  I told everyone it was a judgement free zone!  

     So now that its over time to crack back down and get ready for the spring.  Summer is close and it is time to get ready!  Not that I mind, Kayla and I love cooking healthy and working out but I know we have to know step it up a bit.  For the meantime however the party was just awesome, a night to not worry...

Happy Fat Kid Friday!

     Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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