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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review 14: Outside Fryer

     With the new outside fryer setup and now working I wanted to use this time to give it a quick review.  For the past several years we have been frying some food inside with an electric fryer that we do love and works great.  However now with a gas fryer that can be used outside the smell of oil is no more!  I first used my father-in laws a while back and saw how nice it worked not to mention the clean up was fast and easy.  After frying for a while and moving our electric one to the basement where sometimes you would still smell oil I wanted to invest in one that can be used outside.

     The fryer is very effective and easy to use.  It is really just a propane take that has a line that connects to the fryer.  The fryer is a metal stand that has a round base to hold the pot of oil on.  Once lit there is a nob that allows gas flow to be lesser or greater.  The fryer came with the stand, large pot, basket and temp thermometer.  The pot that it came with is pretty large and we put in a little over a gallon of oil.  We ended up frying a lot of different foods.  I also did a large order of chicken wings that came out amazing.  I think the best thing is just the fact that you can have some fun fried foods but keep the smelling oil out of your house.

     Now Kayla and I do eat healthy however we do like to fry up some different foods or apps for friends and family every once and while as a treat.  As long as you don't fry ever night I think things will be ok in the healthy end!  After we were done I just emptied the oil and cleaned the pot out.  Last night I ended up getting a cast iron pot that I think will work even better.  After the oil is out I can just wipe it down.  The electric fryer is nice that we own however cleaning up takes time and if you want to keep your stuff nice and your food tasting great you do have to clean your fryer ever time.

     I will say the instructions on putting this together were not very well written.  We got it from Gander Mountain and it was affordable.  The fryer and pot that we got later total came to a little over $100.  You also need to get a propane tank as well, however it is cheap for the fun foods you can put out and if you take care of it then you will have it for years to come!   Like I noted however the instructions were not well written.  There weren't many to even read I would say.  We found our selves looking at the box and figuring it out our selves.  Now granted it isn't to difficult but there were a lot of parts so yes I would tell them to make better instructions for people.

     I am excited because I have new meals and small appetizers to try with the fryer.  So I am excited about doing this as well as the fact that it is getting warmer out so cooking outside will get easier.

     So as I Finnish up I would say yes to anyone who likes to cook look into an outside fryer.  You can make some fun meals with your family and even make your dishes.  Just remember to be safe and make sure the fryer is on a safe flat surface away from kids or pets.  Make sure you fry with caution because the hot oil can hurt you.  After make sure the flame is out and the gas tank is shut off.  Let the oil cool and keep the fryer protected.  Don't let anyone near it as it cools.  Then drain the oil and clean out your pot.  You are ready to go again!  Since this is a gas fryer you can cook all year round.  The fire heating up the pot will keep the oil at a good hot temperature even in the winter.  

                          I hope this review was helpful and if you have any questions let me know.

Here is my outside fryer.


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