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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Weekend Update

     Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  This past weekend we picked up Quinn and after much vacation and off weekends we finally had a nice weekend to just hang out.  We spent sometime catching up by playing some games or having dinner and talking.  My parents got to visit and see her as well and I think now that were back on track it is finally nice.  Every spring it gets off a bit but that's ok because she understands.

     She was pretty good this weekend and with Sunday we had a big day.  We had to do some house work and get some carpets taken up.  I will say Quinn was a helper asking what she can do and even thought it was a difficult job she understood and tried to help out as much as she could.  It's hard when you have a great kid that wants to help but the job is a bit over their level.  We try to give her small things to do but I'm so proud she is asking.

     Over the weekend we got out and visited the park as well.  Kayla made me laugh because she told me I don't have to take pictures.  She said the blog is full of pictures of parks.  I said I know, but on the other hand you can't take your child to park enough I feel.  So took a few for the fans and just ran around with her after.  With the weather breaking a big and the sun coming out it was nice I will admit.  We have a few rainy days this week and then I hope we are in the clear.  May is a good time to also start getting the outside of the house cleaned up and raked.  Start growing grass and fixing your flower beds.  We will have Quinn help because we know she does enjoy this

     However this weekend was fun and again gone to soon.  A few more things for the house but once the floors are finished we will be so happy.  Carpets are nice don't get me wrong but having nice hard wood floors with some area rugs in the main areas of your home I feel are nice and easier to clean.  I am just glad to finally get all that carpet out.  My parents came over and helped a lot again.  Parents they always come when called... :)  However we did catch up on some fun shows she was waiting for all year and I got to lay with her on the couch a big too.  Over the busy schedule just taking some time to relax on the couch is awesome and makes it worth while.  Always remember my fellow parents take the time to just lay with your child.  Even if you are watching TV or relaxing.  If you share your child with your Ex, make sure you take the time because you don't have them as much so take that time to do the little things like this.

     I do hope everyone had a great weekend and remember the nice weather is upon us so take advantage and start getting outside!

A new playground at my old elementary school was put in!

She had so much fun!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


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