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Monday, May 6, 2013

A Night with the Girls, and Hughey... and I...

     So Friday night Hughey and I talked to Courtney and we decided since Vinny was working to go out.  Courtney and Alyese met us out at Shamrock Jacks.  We had a great dinner, the girls played while Hughey, Courtney and I talked.  The dinner was great and the girls had so much fun.  After we had dinner we went down to the lake to get some ice cream!  We had so much fun the girls just talked and giggled and played in the both.  We took some cute pics then headed home, when we got home we headed over across the street for a few minutes.  Now that its nice out everyone is out having bonfires and just hanging out.  Quinn loves my neighbors and they love when she comes over.

     I'm so glad it's warming up Quinn and I have been inside for months and just getting outside and enjoying the nice spring air.  We caught up with the neighbors and Quinn ran around playing some games they had and just getting hugged.  My neighbors daughter Amanda and Quinn sat by the pond and looked at the fish!  She loved it, Quinn was so excited when they came up to her.  She even got to touch them!  What a night she had.  We had to get to bed however because we had a big day!  I can't wait to post about the rest of the weekend!

Enjoys the Pics!

Here are the girls at dinner.

They were looking at something!

They are so cute!

Enjoying some Ice Cream.

Just playing around.

Here we are!

Uncle Hughey!

We had to pull them apart! They were having so much fun.

Here we are across the street!  Quinn with Amanda.

Looking at the fish.

Here we are!

Quinn with Bobby!

Playing games.

Look who's shy.

Uncle Hughey playing around.

Touching the fish!

Quinn had so much fun Friday night!  We had a fish fry, then saw some real fish!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

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