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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Day for our Daughter

     This past weekend when I picked up Quinn we got to talking about the Lilac Festival.  She really wanted the three of us to go.  We haven't hung out the three of us in a while we talked about it her Mom and I and we decided it would be fun.  Friday night we went out for a fish fry, Quinn, Hughey, my self and my Aunt.  My Aunt had some old friends with that she knew growing up.  It was really nice to have dinner and just talk.  Quinn was so cute and they all loved her.  That night we just watched some TV and relaxed.

     The next day we got up and had some breakfast and went to get her Mom.  We picked up her Mom and we headed out.  When we arrived we got settled and walked around, saw some of the sights and just took in the morning.  We got some lunch and sat down to eat, Quinn was so excited to be there.  After lunch we took a walk down the park and just looked at the different vendors and then headed to the Lilacs.  We took some great pictures and just smelled the flowers.  The day was nice, the sun was shining and it was not to warm or cold out.  We walked back up, I had Quinn on my shoulders and she was just loving it.

     We then headed over to the rides and Quinn couldn't wait to ride them!  She went on almost all of them!  She did great, and got to go on them with both of us and did some alone!  We then after headed to the field and listened to some of the bands play.  We sat on the grass and just enjoyed Quinn, took some pictures and listened to the music.  Quinn danced around and laughed like any 4 year old should. We then packed up and headed out, before we dropped her Mom off we stopped and got Quinn some new sunglasses.  I told her weeks ago I would pick her up some.  It was fun she got to pick out her own glasses and she keeps them in her car seat.  We dropped her Mom off home and then headed back to relax.  That night we kept it low key because of the busy day we had.

     Sunday we just took some time to finally sleep in and have some time to just hang out.  We played in side because it was so hot out.  Quinn just wanted to take it easy and being little I have to remember you can't expose her to the sun for to long.  It was a nice Sunday to honestly just hangout with my Daughter...  I brought her home and she gave me the biggest hug good bye.  The weekend was so much fun and everyone benefited.

     It was the first time in a long time we all hung out and at first I think we were both a little nervous but I told her Mom Friday it would be fun and good for Quinn.  When parents that are separated come together for the child or children it's a win win.  I would say you should always try unless you really can't work with the other parent, then its best to just not do it.  If you work together and can talk and go on functions every once and a while it shows your child that you can work together and that works our for them.  In the end that is what everyone needs.  I would always advise however do what is comfortable.  It all worked out and Quinn had a great time.

I hope you enjoy the pics!
Always remember,
You are never alone...


Lunch time!

Here we are!

Down the slide we go!

Round and round she went!

Bouncing time =

Here is my little cutie, she had her little Nike outfit on!

Later that day we played some Angry Birds!

Eve hung out with us.

Time for dinner!

He thinks he's funny!

Little Ice Cream for dessert.

Sunday Nap, with Eve...

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