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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesdays Tip: One Hug is never enough…

                This past weekend was amazing and although I haven’t posted the entire adventure yet I wanted to talk about Sunday.  I dropped Quinn off and Quinn, my self and her mom talked.  It was nice, Quinn was excited to tell her mom what we did and it gave her Mom and I a chance to catch up as well.  While I was leaving Quinn must have given me a bunch of hugs and kisses.  I was packing up the back seat and she yelled for me to come hug her, it was cute.  I told her I was just getting the Jeep ready, she gave me a hug and kiss and we talked and then I got another one and then as I was getting in she said “one more hug and kiss daddy!”  I bent down, picked her up and gave her a gigantic hug and kiss.  It was cute for her to stop me a few times, the past several years I would give her maybe one.  She would be so excited to get inside but the past few months she has come back to make sure I gave her a few hugs. 

                So my tip to you is never leave till your child feels they have all the hugs they need!  If they stop you 2 or 3 more times always run back.  A hug goodbye is so very important, your mood when you leave will be so much better and let your child know you’re going to see them real soon and you can’t wait!  Always remember also when your ex is picking up your child or you are taking them that they get as much time as they need.  I will admit in the beginning I would get impatient because my ex and Quinn would take a while to say good bye.  I told my self why, she will see her in a day.  Then as I saw how good Quinns mom was with making sure Quinn saw me as many times before I left I realize we have to work together and now I sit quietly and watch them say their good bye’s.  I will pick up Quinn a little early and her Mom is cool about it and doesn’t make me wait.  We have come a long way and honestly it was a divorce so we had to work the kinks out.  You can’t have your family split up and just go back to normal.  Where we are now is good, we communicate and things are going well.  I’m sure we will have disagreements but we will get through them. 

                As far as you’re goodbye’s go, always give you’re ex the time to say goodbye even if you haven’t seen your child in a few days or even a week.  Just know the child needs to say goodbye to both of you in their way and it’s very important to them, and that’s all that matters…  So give your little one that extra hug when they run to you and give them positive feedback and let them know you had fun and that you have much more to come!

Always remember,
You are never alone.

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