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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Keep the smiles on, and those dangerous rays off!

                Over the weekend Quinn and I spent a lot of time outside but we also took some time to stay inside.  Remember now that winter is over the urge to go outside will be overwhelming!  My tip today, protect your skin and avoid over exposure.  I use suntan lotion on Quinn whenever we go out because her skin is so sensitive being so young, but we also spend time back inside because you have to remember little ones get hot and tired fast.  As the summer progresses I usually spend a few hours outside then go inside to stay cool.  If we go swimming we still follow this rule because sun damage is very painful and the long term effects can be dangerous. 
                When your child is little you have to remember their bodies are growing, add in the fact that the suns rays are extremely dangerous that can equal a very bad day.  When looking for sun protection make sure you blog UV A and UV B rays.  Look for a good brand and one  you have used and trust.  Don’t be fooled by water proof either.  Apply after you get out of the water, no sun screen is perfect.  We have to remember a little sun is good for us, but everything in moderation.  We also have to remember to stay cool and hydrated.  Even being out of the sun we can still get hot.  Make sure both you and your child are drinking lots of cold water and staying in a cool area.  We can be outside playing for hours and then the effects happen when the sun goes down.  Our burns show, and we are extremely tired, so don’t let the fun fool you! 
Here is a quick Sunblock Guide!
                Apply sun lotion to any exposed areas and make sure the face is very well protected; a hat is also very good for your child.  You don’t want their face burning because of how sensitive the area is and their head houses the brain so keeping it cool is very important.  Being inside all winter can make us feel like being outside for hours is a good thing.  Use caution!  I know we are all pasty right now and trying to get our tan going, but remember to be proactive and don’t risk it.  Sun damage is very dangerous; the one thing that makes it so dangerous is the fact that we don’t see the damage until we are older.  Moles will appear and when you become elderly the damage really starts to show.  Skin cancer is very easily avoidable and you can take steps to avoid getting it and sick by just protecting yourself and child.  Also remember sunglasses!  Kids love them because they feel like Mom and Dad, and they protect their eyes.  Quinn loves her glasses she wears them every time we go out and ride around in the Jeep. 
                So to recap, everyone knows the sun’s rays are dangerous but we all seem to forget and end up getting burned!  Be careful, use sun screen, hats, glasses, stay inside and take breaks and remember the water doesn’t protect us.  We can actually burn faster because the light reflects off it.  Take precautions and have fun!  It only takes minutes to apply sun screen, a hat and glasses and days for a painful sunburn to heal and you child will not be happy.   This also goes for you!  Don’t just project your child, protect your own skin as well! 
Here is some help if you would like!
Be Safe and have a great start to summer!!!
And always remember…
You are never alone…


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