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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Tea Party for 3

    This past Saturday my Mom, Quinn and I went to a Doll Tea Party at the Perinton Presbyterian Chruch.  The party was for a great cause, Safe Journey this organization helps woman who are in abusive relationships.  If they are thinking about leaving, trying to leave, or have left and have nothing. Safe Journey provides help, finance and support for woman that are in dangerous relationships.  All the raffel and ticket sales went to help support the organization.  When I was growing up through my youth group we helped the battered womans association of Rochester.  We saw where kids and Women go for protection and support.  We spend the day playing with the kids and keeping them company.  When I found out there were other organizations that helped support Woman in these kinds of sisutaions I was just happy to know others are out there helping.

     I can't tell you how strongly I feel about helping Woman and yes even men in abusive relationship.  I think to push around your partner is just stupid and no matter how upset you get just take a walk.  When I was going through my divorce no matter how upset we got we never said anything very hurtful and never hurt each other physically.  I just don't know why people have to get abusive.  Terrible what some people go through.   One of the people that work for the organization came and talked and gave a great story about someone who was in a bad place but with the help of Safe Journey she is now doing wonderful.  With all the things that go wrong in the world, its good to see how many people fight for good, fight to help others and fight for a better world.

     They had a doll show where all the kids stood up and someone red about their doll or bear.  They explained what they were wearing and why they were special.  Quinn wanted to just watch so she didn't go up but maybe next year.  It was very cute and there were some very cute dolls and stuffed animals.  The kids were all so proud.

     After we all sat down and had our tea and cookies!  Then we sat and waited to see if we won any of the prizes.  We sat and waited as they called out other numbers.  Quinn was so cute she said "maybe next prize" she had her heart set on a tea set.  We didn't end up winning but what happend next was so so generous.  She started crying and a woman came over and gave us a prize she won.  She told us when her daughter was little she didn't win and someone gave her a their prize when she got upset.  I thought it was so sweet, just pay it forward she said.  We thanked her, and with all the evil in the world things like that help fight it.   When good things like that happen it makes us stronger and able to push down the bad.

     In the end we had such a great day, the event raised over $2,000!  Quinn had so much fun, after we left and went back to my parents for some lunch and then hung out.  Later that day we just stayed in and relaxed.  I can't wait for next year!

Enjoy the pics!
Her is my little cutie!

A few Pic's before we left.

Here we are!

Lots of donations

More to look at.

Quinn putting her ticket in the tea set

Our table.


In the Church getting started.

A guest speaker

Susan B Anthony, came and red a story for the kids.

Time for tea!

Quinn and Oma.

Here we are.

She is just so cute!

     It was just a nice start to spring, I can't wait for next year.  I hope more and more people come to support such an amazing cause.  

Always remember...
You are never alone,

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  1. What a wonderful event. And how pretty everyone looked for the tea. Great event for sure.
    love to all, aunt ro