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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Weather is finally.... Better

     So we had a cold front come through one more time just to piss us off...  Well today it finally warmed up!  I think for good too...  I got out of work and picked up Quinn, she was excited to see me and show me her bikes!  She rode them around and I even got to push her a little.  It was really nice, I can't believe she is on a bike with training wheels!  She really wanted to bring her big wheels to our home for the weekend and her mom was okay with that so we packed it all up and we were off!

     My parents are going away for a week or so for a vacation and wedding so they came over for dinner.  We all went to dinner and then for a walk afterwards.  The day was so nice and it was hard going inside!  It was close to bedtime however so we headed in and said goodbye to my parents.  We went inside and settled in then we went to bed.

     I can't wait for the weekend we have so much planned!  The weather should be great and the lilac festival is going on this week!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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