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Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

      This weekend was mothers day and this post goes out to all the Mothers!  We went to my parents on Wednesday for dinner because I had Quinn.  We had a great time, my brother showed up and we sat down for dinner.  After dinner we had some dessert and then my brother and I gave our Mom her gift!  We went to Color me Mine and Painted a watering pot.  My brother and I painted it.  It was really nice to go out and work on her gift, we all had fun, and pics are on their way.  Quinn also helped me paint a mug for her mom.  It was nice we gave her Mom her gift when I picked he up Wednesday.  She was so excited to give her the mug and kept the painting a secret like I asked!  It was a good secret, not that keeping them is good, but we had just cause!

     I just wanted to post to all the mothers and say how wonderful you are.  Mothers do so much for their kids and ask for so little.  The give us hugs and kisses, help heal us when were sick, and every thing we make they hang on the fridge with pride.  Mothers are our friends but also have to tell us no and keep us safe when we think were invincible.   The thing about our Mom's are is that they will always be there for us, when we grow up and rebel they are there, when we get mad and yell, they are there.  Mom's are there because the day were were born they looked at us and promised to keep us safe, protect us and guide us as we try to figure out life.

     My mom is very special to me, growing up was quite the adventure.  We are alike in a lot of ways, mainly we are both stubborn and we often butted heads.  My Mom however always supported me and was there for me, she made me confront my "pranks" and always told me we can't run from our problems.  One of the biggest lessons she taught me was this.  I can remember when I was young if my friends and I got in trouble she made us confront the neighbors.  I know this may not sound big but growing up I realized that we can't run from our problems and to make it work, if something gets difficult or a time where you have to confront an issue you just do it.  A lesson that will grow with you as you get older.

     As the night winded down we said our goodbye's and went home.  The weekend came and Quinn was at her Mom's and Sunday on Mothers day we went to church and then breakfast.  It was nice, we were all there and I know its what my Mom loved.  The day was nice and I hope every Mother had a great day! Remember you are all loved!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Quinn helping Oma with dinner!

Quinn and Oma!

Here is mom with her boys, and my little angle.

     We have more pics to come, here were just a few.

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