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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day and I already Failed.

     So yesterday was the first day of Quinn's school and I didn't call her.... Epic Fail...  I know I know, how could I forget!  Well I txted her Mom and she said she was a little nervous at first but she did great after she left.  Later that nigth I remembered to call, but I was driving home from work and well, no phones just driving!  I got home did some laundry and cleaned up and before I knew it the time was 7:30!  I wanted to call her but I knew she was going down early for bed and I also knew that I was picking her up on Wednesday! (Today). 

     So yes sometiems we get distracted but today I can't wait to give her a big hug and ask how her week has been!  After all she was only in school for a few hrs day, so i don't feel the failure was to steep!  I would tell any parent how ever to checkin with their child and see how their first week is going! 

Always remember...
You are never alone...


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