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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesdays tip: Get a head start on the cold weather!

                Summer sometimes ends fast or slower than others.  This year the cold weather came in quick, getting Quinn ready for winter meant going through her cloths and seeing was to small or short.  Looking over her selection of pants and long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts.   Don’t get caught out in the cold, literally.  Make sure your child is ready for winter because if you don’t then two things, the go to school in tight older cloths, or you end up running to the store the night before picking out an outfit or two!  So now that September is here look over their outfits and check socks, pants, shirts and jackets.  Make sure not only do they fit, but are they comfortable.  Your child is growing so some cloths maybe long enough but still tight.  So make sure they try on different things and ask them how things feel and fit.  They will be honest with you, don’t worry… 
                Also remember sometimes fall has warm weather and that the winter comes late, don’t use this to not buy things and get ready!  I talked about how dangerous the sun is during summer well winter is just as dangerous so protect yourself and child.  Remember the seasons can change very fast so go through all their cloths, they are growing so always remember even though you may have some older things they can’t wear them because of how fast there growing! 

Get ready for fall and have fun when it arrives!
Always remember,
You are never alone…

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