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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The late weekend udpate!

     Last weekend we attended the Greek Festival!  We left Saturday morning and got there before it got busy.  The day was great, Quinn tried some Greek Food and we saw some dancers as well! We walked around the church learned about the festival and the Greek Culture.  The food was amazing and we tried a little big of everything.  After lunch we sat and watched the Greek Dancers!  Quinn was so excited to see them and they did such an amazing job!  We went home and took a small nap.

     Later that night I had to go see Sean, he was throwing a Jamboree to help raise money, he has Cystic Fibrosis.  The night was filled with raffles, friends and family, drinks, food a band and just being here for Sean.  I've known Sean since he was little, being Hughey's, Kevman, and Tim's brother I spent a lot of time hanging out and watching him grow.  Sean has the biggest heart an is just the nicest kid.  Growing up we used to wrestle with him even go out and have guys night out, Sean has even been up to the camp a few times and has loved it!   I always love hanging out at Hughey's, not only because of him but Sean.  I love to see how he's doing.  Quinn even had dinner with him and his now new fiancee Samantha!  Yes they are getting married after sean gets new lungs and heals up.  There isn't a set date yet but we are praying and just waiting for the call. I'm not sure of the outcome but I know they raised a lot of money!  I will keep you all posted like I always do and make sure Sean is always part of the blog because she is a part of my and Quinns life.  He has so many people that love him and were all there for him.

     Sean is Such a fighter, he doesn't complain he doesn't get upset he does what he has to do and he smiles every second of the day.  My Dad at the fundraiser said no matter how hard your day is look at Sean's day, look at how he never complains and how much he loves life.  Sometimes I do complain and I have to stop and think about kids around the planet that have less than me or are sick and waiting to heal.  We all have to think about how much we have in life and how each second counts.  Every time I see Sean I give him the biggest Hug because how much he brings my spirit up.  I know things are going to pull through because he's such a special person.

Please always know and remember what we have....

Always remember you are never alone...

I love you Sean...

Eating some Greek food!

We had beef, pasta and salad!

Aunt Ro and Quinn!

The cute dancers!

They did such a great job!

Sean's fundraiser!

Look at all the raffles.

Sean, Samantha and I.

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