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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The school year is starting off great!

     So this past Wednesday I dropped off Quinn at school and I was so proud.  The first week she didn't have many days because of the holiday.  I was excited for my first drop off!  We arrived and Quinn showed me what do we use and where I sign her in for school.  The whole process only took a few minutes but I was so proud.  Quinn showed me where her backpack goes and I met some of staff that helps in the morning while the kids eat.

     I know the event was quick but being my very first drop off I left and the entire day was just awesome.  I was so excited I got to see my little one start school and how different it was dropping her off at a school rather than daycare.

     Well I can't wait to get some Fall pictures up for everyone and continue to tell you about her school days and how things are going.  I just wanted to post and tell everyone how proud I am and even though I don't get to drop her off every day at least that one day I do get we will make special.

I hope all the parents out there had a great first week!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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