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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Take the time to watch your little one sleep...

                 Sometimes its nice to just sit and watch them sleep.  I know the title may sound, well weird but when I dropped her off Sunday she was sleeping in the car.  I got her stuff ready and as I was getting her out of the car watched her sleep peacefully.  The weekend was filled with her running around and screaming, jumping and just being a kid but for the few moments before I got her out of the car I watched her sit peacefully, quiet and at bay. 
                Throughout time we have watched our kids sleep, maybe it’s because it’s a quiet time and we can finally see them without the noise or something breaking.  A time to reflect on what we have and how precious life is.  As older people look down at their little ones we can only see the future and how much they mean to us.  We watch them sleep in cars, their crib and in their beds.  The funny thing about life is as we get older and our kids watch over us, they will check in on us and watch us sleep.  Life always completes its self in some way or another.  We watch our children sleep and in turn as we grow old the watch over us.  I wanted to post this because life is so busy, we are always doing something, calling or texting people.  Reading or checking things online, we never get to really sit down and relax like families did in the past.  Sometimes I wonder how fast we are growing and maybe we should just slow down for a second.  I feel if we didn’t have to sleep we would work even harder, faster longer.  Sleep maybe the only thing making us not do something. Natures way of saying “just stop for a second’.  As I looked down at my little one I could only see how special she was but how much of the world she still has to learn about and experience.  All the good, bad happy even sad in the world we try to make it so they only see the good but we know like easy times comes difficult ones. 
                I encourage you to just take a moment to check in on your little ones as they sleep.  Take a minute to rest and watch them dream and wonder what the world has to offer.  As soon as they wake up it’s back to running around so take the moment to enjoy life when it’s slow and resting…
Always remember,
You are never alone…

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