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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: Ready or not here school comes!

     With many starting school tomorrow I wanted to send out one more tip before the year came!  Now most are at college but for the younger ones with labor day being late this year a lot of kids start this week.  Quinn does and I am so excited so I have a few tips for the night before school for you all! Feel free to comment/add anything!

1)   Make sure your kids are in bed early.  Getting a good night rest will be very important, they will be excited and nervous but a good nights sleep is what one needs to start the first day off right!

2)  Make sure their outfits are ready!  Have what they want to wear out so there is no issues in the morning.  Everyone is going to want to wear a nice outfit the first day so make sure you already went shopping and are set! 

3)  To add to this make sure they are set on school supplies.  A backpack, any writing tools anything the teacher advised them to get as well.  You want your child to be ready on this front as well.

4)  Have them get up a little early and get them a good breakfast.  Eating will help with the nerves and they want to go in with energy.  Now they need to eat breakfast every day but the first day is so important.  They might be nervous but have them eat a little at least.

5)  Talk to them, they maybe excited but of course nervous.  Everyone is on the first day, tell them they will have fun and assure them its going to be great!  They already probably did a class walkthrough but just by talking to your child will help them get ready for the new school year.

     A new school year can be a lot on a child but just by getting them ready will help so much.  As the year moves on things will get easier and they will fall into their routine.  However that first day will always make kids wake up nervous.  Of course all the parents will be opening champagne but...  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and a great year to come! Be sure to get everything set for this is the night before so do it now.  

I hope everyone has a great first day!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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  1. Sounds like you have it covered Christopher. It can be hard on a new parent too, hoping the first day of school is not a scary one for the (not such a baby!) of the family. Great tips you have here. If family life is a staple one, school life will be so much easier. Keep them Safe. Keep them Happy :)