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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day!

     I wanted to wish every Mom or motherly figure today a very Happy Mothers Day!  Today like every other day we should celebrate how special our Mom's are.  They do so much and ask so little and we often to much brush it off.  I wanted to just say thank you, to mine and all the ones that are just so special and do so much.  They hug us, kiss us and heal our bruises.  They support us and even teach us some of the most valuable lessons.

     Our Mom's keep us safe even before we take our first breath, they do so much behind the scenes and things we will never know.  They are our biggest supporters and are always in our corner.  We call our for them when we are sick and they come right away.  They run to the store to get us medicine and then stay up with us all night.  

     I wanted to wish a special happy mothers day to all the step mothers as well, ones that come in and love kids that may not be there's from the start but soon love them back.  Kayla, as been such an amazing step mom to Quinn and is loved so much.  I can't tell you how much Quinn loves Kayla and how much she just needs and depends on her.  It has been so hard being a single parent and since Kayla came around she has been so amazing to us and helpful.  

     I wanted to wish all the mothers today a short and sweet post to just say thank you so much.  We love you and no gift is more important or wanted then that...

Happy Mothers Day!

Always Remember,
You Are Never Alone...


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