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Friday, May 6, 2016

Continuing to Build a Strong Foundation

        Last night was my Quinn's open house.  It was only for a few grades and wasn't very large however we were excited to go, she asked us this week and we of course told her we would be there.  When a child has two homes to go to each parent must try their hardest to put forth all the effort they can.  Now being the one who doesn't see her as much per like other parents we have to really show that effort.  Nothing is stronger than the base when it comes to a foundation.  It has to be the strongest because it holds the most.  Your basement is reinforced and has to be very strong because the house rest on it.  This goes for the same as a child, if a parent is there every once and a while they will see this.  When a child feels you are coming or is told and you don't it really can effect how they act and that night they will be hurt for sure.


     That night when Kayla and I arrived we went to her room where she was doing something already with her Mom and Step Dad.  When she saw us she lit up and yelled Daddy and ran over.  She gave me the biggest hug.  I of course was so excited to see her school, room and what she is doing but also knew the importance of going and telling her we were going and showing up.  She walked all of us around the school and at the end we had some ice cream in the cafeteria.  We do the best we can at getting along her Mom and I and that night we all talked and it was good.  As a child grows up however being there for things like her school activities is just so important.  You need to build this foundation and show they can count on you and trust you.  When they grow up they will look back and see this.  They won't see an empty spot where you were suppose to be.  Kids may not remember every activity but they will know if you were there or not.  

     Now we have a very good foundation with Quinn so if we had to miss something for a very important reason she would be ok however you really want to be there and show support.  Also you want to see what is going on with their school work and how they are progressing.  Here Mom did introduce Kayla and I to some of the teachers we haven't met yet and that was very nice.  You want a foundation with the teachers also so they know you are involved.  This is important as well.  

     Now if you and your child's other parent don't speak that much, you need to be in contact with the school.  Get on their email list!  Quinns school emails us along with others all the actives this way we know what is going on.  Some things slip through but for the most part you can be in contact with the school.      

     We gathered up her stuff and art projects and started to head out.  I do hope I get some from her Mom to view but if not remember parents don't fight of stuff like that.  If one parent takes all the child's work home just don't worry.  You may see it down the road or if not its no big deal.  Having your child with you is more important than some drawings.  Plus i'm sure they will draw you a picture any day!  

     However if you are a family not together or you are just remember you have to show support and be there!  Being there is just so critical, it shows your child you gave up everything else that night to look at what they are doing in school, or sports or any other activity.  Remember showing up is really not that hard to people.  You just go!  That simple, I can't tell you enough how excited she was when we walked in and that she gave us a bunch of hugs when we left.  

    Foundation.., Build it and Maintain it.   

Always Remember,
You are Never alone...


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