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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Special Post to a Very Special Step Mom

      Now usually I do a Tip on Tuesdays however today I wanted to say my tip is to appreciate the step Mom's around the world and all they do...

   A few Sunday's ago was Mothers Day, since we didn't have Quinn I wanted to wait to celebrate with Kayla, so the Wednesday after I picked up a card and some hanging plants and we celebrated!  Quinn wrote some very nice things in her card and I put up the baskets then we had her come outside and see!  She was so happy and excited for her card and flowers.

     I know I am not a step parent my self but having Kayla with me, sometimes I'm not sure how she does it.  Quinn and any child can be a handful.  Now try coming into a situation and working with this.  If you don't have children, then all of a sudden you do!  A lot of people say step parents are parents but not their actual parents.  I have to say this, being a step parent can be just as hard as being a parent sometimes even harder.  Just for one second imagine this.  One day you single, working and sleeping in or doing what ever you want, then a bit later you have a small child who is screaming and making a mess of your car and getting you up early I don't want to even think about the older ones that yell "your not my real Mom/Dad!"  Step parents come in to help love and teach a child and to go from having maybe just the responsibility of your self to a family can be difficult.  Depending on when you come into that family as well.

     I see how much Quinn loves Kayla, I also see her give Kayla a tough time and sometimes I wonder why she doesn't just take the easy way out!  After a few bad melt downs from Quinn I thought Kayla for sure would pack her backs, say F this Shit and bounce.  She didn't however and doesn't.  She loves Quinn she sticks out the tough times because the good times always outweigh the tough times.  To all step mothers out there, you are amazing for all you do and work with.

     Loving someone with a child can be very hard because you come into a family and good step parents do everything real ones do.  They don't have to, they can s F this!  I'm out, I wanna sleep in and not hear this brat screaming...  However good step parents don't they stick through the yelling or screaming and love the child.  They cook for them, clean them, teach them and shop for them.  Taking care of another persons child can be difficult however if you think of how it should take a village to raise a child then I feel you aren't so self centered and we all should help raise our kids per they are our future...

     So often we hear or even may say "not my kid".  I can't help but feel we just look after our direct own and we shouldn't.  Are there to many of us on this planet?  Are we to busy with work and school to just slow down and realize how we are all important?  Either way a step parent gives up a lot of freedom to love you and your child which is just so special.  Kayla gets up with Quinn to help her get ready for school, She helps me get her ready for bed and her homework done.  She spends a lot of her hard earned money on her when if she wasn't with me should could be doing whatever she wanted.  So I say in the end if you have a spouse who is now a step parent see how much they do and how much they, and their family love your child.  Now imagine if you could do it.

     I wanted to wish Kayla a Happy Mothers Day and to all the step Moms out there as well.  You work very hard and if you have kids of your own or not your step kids love you just the same...

Here is Kayla and Quinn!

Thank you for all you do Kayla you are an amazing step Mother and Quinn loves and is thankful for all you do.  I know I am!

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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