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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Review 15: The Weber Grill

     The Original Kettle Grill.  This Weber has been around for a long time and I am excited to do a review on it!  I have used many grills in my time but make sure I always have one of these simple but elegant grills in my garage.  Weber has been in the grill business for many years and sometime perfection is easy and simple.  There are many variations to this grill but the simple fact is the grill is small enough to move around and large enough to grill and smoke meats on.

     With two simple areas, one for coals and one for your meats this grill makes it easy to cook.  You can get add-on's.  It has a one touch cleaning system and really can get all your cooking needs done.  Not as fast as the gas grill when getting started however just as effective.  The gill stays warm preventing you from making many trips to keep adding coals to it.  The ash box at the bottom makes it so easy to get rid of your old ashes as well as keeping your area clean.  I think may people look for fancy grills when cooking.  I feel they need to see smoker boxes or an electric smoker that looks and probably is to expensive.  What most grilles don't know is you can grill and smoke great foods right on this using indirect heat.  The models go from $99-$300.  They also now almost all come with thermometers as well built in which is so handy in working with.

     My grill took maybe 20 minutes to assemble, now granted I partly put it together wrong however it happens.  The book doesn't tell you exactly how to place the legs so my grill is turned a bit. so the handles aren't like below.  However this grill can be put together with one person.  With grilling season coming I would invest in a grill like this.  Like I said just keeping it simple.  Some may spend up to thousands on a very expensive smoker or grill and to start off all you need is this.  With easy air flow and ventilation you can cook for hours without working hard at all.  

     They sell covers and other features to keep your gill safe and protected.  There are also only a few parts so you don't have to worry about it falling apart or trying to find replacements for it.  I think my favorite feature is how well it contains the heat.  I smoked a chuck roast for 5 hours and added new coals maybe 3 times.  Just a hand full here and there. The grill keep the heat at a perfect  250 degrees even as I just relaxed.  So if you are new to the grilling world or a pro I think this is a grill we all need.

     Here is a great link to get you started!  This post was easy because Weber is just a product I believe in and just.  I didn't have an exact picture of mine, I can get one soon, but here is one.

Weber Grills              

I hope you enjoyed this review, if you need more information check out their site it will give you prices and sizes this gill comes in.  I hope you enjoy the cooking season that is now underway!


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