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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The weekend update.

     Yet another weekend has come and gone and I hope everyone had fun! This weekend for us was awesome!  Friday we picked up Qinnn and really just hung out.  We had some dinner and relaxed, the week was long and we were really just tired I think.  Saturday  Kayla had to work so it was just Quinn and I for a bit.  We had some breakfast, cleaned up the house a bit and started cooking dinner.  I smoked a chuck roast!  More to come on that.  However we had a lot of fun and when Kayla came home we tried to let her rest.  We had some friends over for dinner, and Quinn had a great play date.  Lilly is one of my friends daughter and she is a bit younger than Quinn.  However Quinn was so good with her and they sat and eat and just had so much fun.

     Not sure why but it is so interesting to see kids with younger kids.  Quinn was so good and shared her toys, showed her the house and her room and they say and ate together.  Quinn even ate her veggies!  I think to show off, I hope because we have instilled this to be healthy but its ok. The night was fun with good food and conversation.  Everyone left and we pretty much crashed.

Sunday with the rain we just cleaned a bit and hung out on the couch.  We just hung out and had an easy day.  One of those where we just needed to rest.  So ending this post short I do hope everyone had a great weekend!  Some fun pics below!  You will notice I got a haircut!  Hope you like it!

I asked Quinn for a Pic, she goes sure we can do a selfie.  Great she knows that word now... haha

Quinn and Lilly

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